Carbon Lab Travel Kit
Carbon Lab Travel Kit

Pomar / AS0012-100

Carbon Lab Travel Kit

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Keep your shoes looking pristine no matter where your adventures take you with the Carbon Lab Travel Kit. Get ready to travel in style and with confidence! Carbon Lab Travel Kit is designed to provide you with all the essentials for shoe care on-the-go. Conveniently sized 100ml products, make it the perfect solution for your travel needs. T

The Carbon Lab Travel Kit includes: Carbon Cleaning Solution 100ml, Carbon Protecting Spray 100ml, Carbon Sneaker Care 100ml, and a cleaning cloth.

May darken upper, test a small area first.

CLEANING SOLUTION: Cleaner suitable for all materials and their combinations. Solvent and aerosol-free product.

PROTECTING SPRAY: Effective and long-lasting protection for all materials. Protects against water and dirt. Solvent and aerosol-free product.

SNEAKER CARE: Manages and preserves the properties of the material in good condition. Suitable for different leather grades, synthetic surfaces, and material combinations. Solvent and aerosol-free product.

CLEANING CLOTH: Cleaning and polishing cloth, can be used dry or with detergent.

  • Carbon Cleaning Solution 100ml
  • Carbon Protecting Spray 100ml
  • Carbon Sneaker Care 100ml
  • Cleaning cloth

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