Dedicated to producing sustainable, authentic, high-quality footwear, which combines comfort, usability and Nordic design.

A Finnish footwear brand with a passion for shoemaking, we empower people to enjoy life on the move whilst our footwear help embody a Nordic outdoor lifestyle.

Founded in 1960, we’re still a family-owned business dedicated to producing sustainable, authentic, high-quality footwear. For 60 years we’ve built a reputation for crafting shoes which combine comfort, quality and usability.

Today our mission hasn’t changed, make well-crafted shoes which empower people to find adventure and enjoy life on the move, whatever the conditions. Our passion for helping people enjoy the outdoors is reflected in our use of rugged, durable materials, specialised waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membranes, oiled leather and advanced non-slip rubbers.

We are commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainability. All Pomar shoes are Made in Europe, where possible we attempt to source environmentally-friendly, resource-efficient and socially compatible materials, such as Terracare® leathers and leather alternatives.