Shoeboy's Cedarwood Shoe Trees
Shoeboy's Cedarwood Shoe Trees

Pomar / AS0013-100

Shoeboy's Cedarwood Shoe Trees

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Shoeboy's crafted from cedarwood play a crucial role in extending the life of your shoes, by maintaining the original form of your shoes, absorbing moisture and supporting shoe recovery. Additionally, Shoeboy's assist in the application and removal of shoe care products by providing a sturdy structure.

Extending the life of the shoe: Correctly sized shoe trees help maintain the shape of the shoes and prevent them from changing over time.

Moisture absorption: Cedar wood shoe trees can absorb moisture from the shoes. This helps keep the shoes dry and prevents moisture damage such as deformation and odours.

Support and shape recovery: The shoe tree helps to maintain the original shape of the shoe and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the inner surface of the shoes. 

Porous wood material: Shoe trees made of cedar wood absorb moisture and hide the smell of sweat thanks to their strong scent. They can also act as a moth repellent and bring a pleasant aroma to the shoe cabinet.

  • Shoeboys shoe trees, made from cedar wood

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