Animal Friendly

pomar vegan shoes

The Pomar Vegan range extends our sustainable and ethical shoe making philosophy to include animal friendly footwear. 

Pomar vegan footwear is made using Microsuede, a synthetic fabric composed of millions of fine [micro-denier] 100% pure polyester fibres, it has the soft hand of natural suede leather.


Built to withstand the extreme Nordic weather

Our animal friendly footwear is still built to withstand the extreme Nordic weather. The Vegan range includes shoes with Nordic GRIP+, TR rubber soles, and GORE-TEX© 100% waterproof and breathable membranes for protection. 

Like suede leather, microsude  is water-resistant. However,  left untreated, microfiber can show stains and water spots. Follow these simple steps to  help keep your Pomar microfibre shoes looking great and potentially increasing their life.


Caring for your Animal Friendly shoes 

Where needed, we recommend cleaning gently with a clean mildly damp cloth, removing any existing waterspots and minor stains. You may use a gentle suede brush on the Microsuede surface,  raising the nap of the material, preparing it for a colouring and/or waterproofing spray. Always read and follow the instructions  given any products being applied to your microsude shoes.

NOTE: Never try and accelerate drying times by placing near direct heat (radiator or using a hair dryer) Do not oversaturate the microfibre material with excess water – such as soaking in bath, sink or using a washing machine.