TERRACARE® leather

What is TERRACARE® ? 

TERRACARE® is the manufacturing brand of Lederfabrik Josef Heinen - and sourced from Germany. They have dedicated themselves to using and developing ecological tanning methods, which result in lower water and chemical consumption. The tannery produces all the renewable energy it consumes and unavoidable C02 emissions are neutralised through international reforestation programmes. Also, the rawhides used to make TERRACARE® are farmed in Germany and each hide can be traced to its original farm.

Pomar shoes made using TERRACARE® leathers are:

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Resource-efficient
  3. Socially compatible
Read more: https://www.terracare-leather.de/en/planet/

    The distinctive look of TERRACARE® leather

    TERRACARE® leathers including wax-finished antiqued often has a two-tone effect and natural form, this uneven appearance is not a defect. TERRACARE® has been specifically produced without a thick layer of protective paint, this way TERRACARE® keeps the natural look and feel of leather, and so it retains high breathability.


    Caring for TERRACARE® Leather

    You can use wax-leather cream to treat your shoes with TERRACARE®  to protect them and treat any scratches etc. There are also protective sprays and gels available for wax-finished leather.

    NOTE! Express shoe polishes should not be used for wax-finished leather, a wrong care product can change the appearance of it. Read care products instructions carefully and treat your pair accordingly. For shoes any shoe made with GORE-TEX®, please only use GORE-TEX® approved shoe care products to maintain breathability.