Pomar MEMORY insoles

Pomar® MEMORY comfort insoles are made with 'Memory Foam' which moulds itself to the shape of the supporting feet giving ultimate comfort and effective shock absorption. After each wear the Pomar® MEMORY insole recovers its form ready to keep your feet comfortable for the next outing.

Pomar memory foam insole for men

Pomar® MEMORY insoles are antibacterial and anti-odour, the Arnedry material which covers the insole helps absorbs moisture keeping your feet fresh and comfy. Like most insoles, to dry your Pomar® MEMORY insoles, remove from the shoe and dry separately - removing insoles will also help the shoe dry quicker and stay fresh for longer. 

Pomar memory comfort insole

Note: Like leathers and other natural materials, dry at room temperature, do not dry on radiators, in a tumble dryer or close to extreme heat sources.