Ethically Made in the Nordics

Whilst only 3% of world’s shoes are made in Europe, we’re proud that all Pomar shoes with GORE-TEX and 98% of our footwear is still produced at our own factory in the EU (Pärnu, Estonia), by one hundred skilled shoemakers proud of their craftmanship.

We’re grateful to our shoemaking team’s dedication in helping us continue to produce high-quality footwear here in the Nordics, where we've been making shoes for almost 60 years.

Producing 98% of our shoes in our own facility means we can guarantee all aspects of supply, design, production and retail are completed ethically and environmentally-friendly. So when you buy Pomar shoes, you can be safe in the knowledge they have been ethically and sustainably made - in an EU factory according to tough European standards taking into account working conditions, safety and environment.


Together with our skilled colleagues - We Made Your Shoes!

Meet Some of the Shoemaking Team

Top row  (L-R)

Urve Vainos (Production Secretary), Jaanus Järv (Toe Lasting Operator), Tatjana Hallaste (Finishing Department)

Bottom row (L-R)

Kati Jõe (Clicking Department), Marika Piile (Sewing Department), Maile Tamme (Sole Cementing)