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AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot

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AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
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AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot
AHKIO Men's GORE-TEX® eco-friendly spike winter boot

The AHKIO GORE-TEX®  winter boot with spike sole, is designed and engineered for total confidence in icy conditions. Made with a Pomar spike sole consisting of rubber and steel studs which bite into sheet-ice, it offers maximum slip resistance and traction.

Cold weather rated to -35˚C, AHKIO is wrapped in eco-friendly TERRACARE® leather and insulated with waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® PARTALANA for extra warmth when the temperature drops.

AHKIO is made from eco-friendly oak pull-up TERRACARE® leather, it is quick to develop a vintage-patina due to the scratch-sensitive finish on pull-up leather - this desired effect adds a unique character to your boots.

  • UPPER MATERIAL: Oak pull-up wax-finished TERRACARE® antiqued leather 
  • TERRACARE® LEATHER:  Tanned in environmentally advanced and socially conscious way in Germany
  • GORE-TEX® PARTELANA LINING: Waterproof and insulating, warm woolmix lining designed for cold winter conditions 
  • WINTER PROTECTIONCold weather rated to -35˚C
  • REMOVABLE COMFORT INSOLE: Comfort for your feet!
  • SPIKE SOLE: Combination of rubber and steel studs bite into sheet-ice providing maximum slip resistance and traction in icy conditions. (Not recommended for indoor use)
  • ZIPPER:  Quick and easy to put on and take off

PULL-UP LEATHER: Due to the scratch-sensitive finish, Pull-up leather quickly develops a vintage-patina, this is a desired effect. The patina arises with natural use i.e. folding, scratching and stretching while walking. Use in rain and snow also adds to the unique patina building, as liquids darken the leather.

TERRACARE® LEATHER: The most eco-friendly leather you can use in shoemaking. It is tanned in Germany by Lederfabrik Josef Heinen taking into account environment and animal welfare. Read more about TERRACARE.

TERRACARE®  leather has a two-tone effect and natural appearance. Leather is not even and any visible imperfections are not defects. Leather has been made so, that the natural feel of the leather remains and its breathability is high. For this reason there is not a thick protective paint layer on top of it. This type of leather is softer and easily develops a patina from scratches.

SHOE CARE: You can use wax-leather cream to treat your pair to protect and treat them etc. There are also protective sprays and gels available for wax-finished leather. Express shoe polishes should not be used for wax-finished leather, a wrong care product can change the appearance of it. Read the instructions on care products carefully. 

Size Inner shoe length (mm) Shaft length (mm) Shaft circumference (mm)
40 264 110 270
41 271 110 270
42 278 115 290
43 284 115 290
44 291 120 300
45 299 120 300
46 304 125 310


GORE-TEX® shoes are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and breathable. GORE-TEX® is a microporous membrane laminated onto the lining

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TERRACARE® leathers are environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and socially compatible.

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Ethically Made

Pomar shoes are ethically and sustainably made in Europe, at our own shoe factory in Pärnu, Estonia.

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