Pomar Winter Soles

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Pomar winter soles are designed for near arctic conditions of the Nordic winter. Inspired by winter tyres, all Pomar winter soles have a soft double-density thermoplastic non-slip rubber material which keeps its traction qualities in cold conditions. Each sole type comes with a special tread pattern optimised for slippery autumn and winter conditions.

Pomar® Winter GRIP+

Designed to power through snow and ice, you will find this sole on the SAANA and KOLI felt boots. Here the tread pattern has been designed to allow for traction in Nordic wintry conditions, with a ridged grooves, space for compacted snow between the ‘snowflakes’ and that extra double-density grippy rubber compound. 

Pomar Winter Grip+ pitopohja

Pomar® Traction

The Pomar Traction is a versatile autumn / winter sole with a low and sleek sneaker profile. It has combination non-slip TR rubber with a ridged tread pattern.  Although it is not as aggressive as the Nordic GRIP+, the Traction sole will still take you comfortably from muddy trail to slushy streets.

Pomar Traction -pitopohja

Pomar®  Anti-Slip

ANTI-SLIP is a device designed for those extremely dangerous and slippery icy conditions, such as melted snow and sheet ice. The retractable metal spikes of the ANTI-SLIP will give you traction, and as the metal anti-slip device is retractable, you can manually flip it ‘off’ when not needed, so you can enter your home, shopping mall or other premises where ‘metal spikes’ are banned. Using ANTI-SLIP is easy, just turn it on or off by hand and can be found on the LAUHA women’s shoes and JÄNKÄ men’s boots.

Pomar ANTI-SLIP -pitopohjat

Pomar® Nordic GRIP+

With a slightly raised and padded sole, and more aggressive tread pattern than the ‘Traction’, the Nordic GRIP+ is also a popular autumn / winter sole. With a combination of non-slip TR rubber and that aggressive non-slip ridged tread pattern – it will keep you safe on your feet in any autumn / winter condition from slush, snow, and mud. It’s a great sole for moving easily between town, trail or snowy slope. This sole can be found on the women’s SAARI, VARPU, MALLA, TUULI and more

Pomar Nordic GRIP+ -pitopohja

Pomar®  TR soles

Our TR soles come in a combination of tread patterns. All are multipurpose autumn / winter soles. This TR sole example comes with a ‘Commando’ tread pattern, and can be found on the women’s RAE and AAVA and men’s LAAVU. Known for its thick knobby tread, the commando sole offers great traction and a chunky profile. Popular with military style boots, it is perfect for ‘muddy’ ground where the space and lugged pattern make it an easy sole to clean.

Pomar TR-pohja